On occasion, I will post quotes from real
women runners. Whether barely a beginner, an
experienced elite, or any level in
between, all of us gals are bound together by the common themes
of our running experience.

“Running is what
makes me tick. It gets me out of bed, it makes me more productive. It makes
me a nicer human and a better employee. Running gives me the energy to
surmount the challenges of life and the motivation to execute my deep desires
and dreams. I suppose there is something about surviving 22-mile
training runs in the pouring, cold rain of January or track workouts in the
94-degree days of July that makes one believe that absolutely anything is

Running also gives
me time to be with myself and center; to find clarity and serenity in my mind
and heart. I deal with the issues in my life when I run. I often say I sweat
out my woes and blows while I train.”  – Larisa, 27