If you’re anything
like me, you love to eat. In fact, I’ve oftentimes been known to boast a bigger
appetite than my date. I’m just not an
I’ll-have-the-small-salad-with-the-dressing-on-the-side type of gal. So when my
schedule gets hectic and I’m rushing between workouts and work, I want a snack
that makes a serious dent in my hunger.

Here’s where I let
you in on my sweet & savory secret: PROBAR.

PROBAR is the real
deal. Made from whole, organic, raw foods, these bars quiet the growl in my
tummy with hearty, wholesome ingredients and an array of interesting flavors. The
latest offering includes five dedicated Sweet & Savory blends: Maple Pecan,
Kettle Corn, Cherry Pretzel, Cocoa Pistachio and Sesame Goji. They’re hefty
enough to pinch hit as a meal, and healthy enough to do so free of regret.

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