photo courtesy Nils Nilsen/XTERRA

In many parts of
the country, it probably feels like winter will never end. And while Spring-dreaming
is hard to resist, why not make the most of the cold and try something new
while you have the chance?

Last year at this
time, I entered a snowshoe race. Mind you, I had never even strapped snowshoes
to my feet until about fifteen minutes prior to the race start! I lack a
certain natural grace and balance – and have a tendency to trip over my own
feet all too often while running or even walking – so it’s no surprise that I wound
up face first in the snow on two occasions. But snow is forgiving, and the
glory of my first-ever snowshoe experience was long-lasting, making it the highlight
of my winter season.

My snowshoe
initiation was at the Citizen’s 5k, a part of the XTERRA Winter World
weekend, coming up this year on March 7-8 in Snowbasin, UT.

If kicking off with a race seems too daunting, just grab some shoes and romp at
your own pace. Visit to find a snowshoe trail in your area, suited
to your fitness level. Companies such as
Redfeather even offer women’s specific
snowshoe models, designed to enhance your comfort and experience.

Give snowshoeing a
try – it’s the perfect way to cross-train until warmer weather arrives!