Two cyclists created Nuun (pronounced “noon”) in 2004 to find a way to replace electrolytes during a workout without having to cart around heavy bottles of powder or sports drinks. The simple tablet, which comes in a small tube, dissolves in water and boosts depleted electrolyte levels without adding a large dose of calories and carbs.

But the basic Nuun tablets aren’t designed for short athletic efforts. To address more everyday hydration needs, the company has released U Hydration, made without artificial ingredients and containing vitamins and electrolytes. With seven calories per tab, it’s ideal for a refreshing drink after a easy workout or to sip at lunch. Available in three flavors—Goji Berry Green Tea, Lemon Chai, and Tangerine Ginger—U Hydration tastes refreshing and comes in a small tube  that easily fits into a purse, bike pouch or gym bag. For more info or to purchase, visit http://www.uhydration.com.