To stretch, or not to stretch? Researchers have long debated the benefits (or lack thereof) of stretching before or after exercise, and have yet to find a conclusive answer. Most previous stretching studies have been too small to find definitive results, so researchers at the The University of Sydney and the Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services are hosting a worldwide experiment and are looking for volunteers to participate.

If you exercise at least once a week and have an e-mail address, visit The Stretching Trial to get more information about the 13-week study and sign-up to take part. If selected to participate, you’ll be placed in one of two groups: one will perform a series of stretches before and after exercise, and the other will not stretch at all. All you have to do is your regular workout (plus or minus stretching) and fill out an online form detailing how you feel each week. You might just help settle the long-running stretching debate.

—Kristin Harrison