DirtyredcaprisWe’re heading into fall (at least in most parts of the country), which is a great time to change up the old fitness routine. Here in Florida, that means I finally get to start running outside again.

However, I’m 18 weeks pregnant, so I’ve rearranged my route for frequent restroom breaks and pit stops. And there’s nothing like hitting my favorite coffee shop looking like a sweaty, panting mess, and then pulling some damp money from my shoe.

So I was thrilled when I tried on the Dirty Red Butterfly Fitted Capris ($39) for my run—OK, jog/walk—this morning.

Not only are the Dirty Reds stylish enough to wear outside the gym, with a flattering cut just below the knee, they’re comfortable—even for an expanding pregnant lady. Plus, the capris have a pocket in the back where I can stash a couple bucks for my morning joe. You can find them at dirtyredgear.com.